The Quilted Steeple
A rural church and parsonage in north Iowa, with great living and work spaces.  Home for your next weekend quilting or crafting retreat!
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The Quilted Steeple        2605 90th Avenue        Lone Rock, Iowa   50559          phone 515.570.9625        Info@quiltedsteeple.commailto:Info@quiltedsteeple.comshapeimage_3_link_0
Here’s what our guests say:

“This place is so cute, with lots of room to spread out! We already booked again for next year!” - Elaine S.

“Comfy chairs, good light, and I like that there is a dining area so we don’t have to eat at our stations.” - Jean W.

“Susan is a great host! Great food. We were treated like royalty.” - Elise H.

Where is the Quilted Steeple?

In northern Iowa, surrounded 
by fields, woods, and prairie.  

10 minutes NW of Algona, Iowa
3 hours SW of Minneapolis
2 1/2 hours NW of Des Moines
1 hour west of Mason City
7 hours west of Chicago
6 1/2 hours north of Kansas City
4 hours northeast of Omaha
3 hours southeast of Sioux Falls

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See the Quilted Steeple Story on video! 
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Look at our Great Workspaces!

 Quilters, everything you need.

Scrapbookers, plenty of 
room to spread out.

All crafters are welcome.  And wait until you see the living spaces!

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When they closed down our little Methodist church and parsonage after 120 years, we were heartbroken. So we bought it and made it into the coolest crafting retreat in northern Iowa, with beautiful overnight accommodations and functional work spaces!