Don’t miss the return of
Quilts of Valor weekend!

Friday Jan. 6, 1 PM until Sun. Jan. 8 at noon

Quilts of Valor sews quilts to give to veterans to honor their service. Join us for a weekend of stitching for fun and a good cause!

The fee for the weekend is $125 which includes lodging and meals.  Day retreats for those living close by are $50 for the weekend including meals Friday night and lunch and dinner on Saturday.  Or come for the day Saturday for $25.

Bring your sewing machine, personal tools, favorite patterns and fabric.  Some fabric and patterns will be provided by 
American Legion Auxiliary members.  Not a quilter?  No problem.  We can get you started!  

Register today by emailing  amrehbein@msn.commailto:amrehbein@msn.comshapeimage_1_link_0
The Quilted Steeple        2605 90th Avenue        Lone Rock, Iowa   50559          phone 515.570.9625        Info@quiltedsteeple.commailto:Info@quiltedsteeple.comshapeimage_4_link_0
The Quilted Steeple
is century-old church in rural northern Iowa, now a home for quilting, and crafts, and more.  

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 accommodations and beautiful workspaces.

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