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Join us! October 1 is our very special 
Open House
For our big annual event we are hosting 
Quilts of Valor, honoring our men and women
 in uniform by creating quilts for veterans.

 We will also be joined by Marianne Fons, 
co-host of Fon’s and Porter’s national 
PBS series, “Love of Quilting.”

October 1, 9 am to 4 pm: Open House

10 am - Marianne Fons talk, “Why We Quilt."
2PM - Marianne Fons, “Beyond the Binding."

Fons with be joined by Ann Rehbein from Quilts of Valor

75 Quilts of Valor quilts will be on display  in the beautiful church yard.  Also snacks, fun, door prizes... and feel free to tour the 150 year-old church and parsonage, now a unique crafting and living space, nestled in heritage farmland!

And don’t forget the Quilts of Valor Sew-A-Thon Friday evening through Sunday noon.

Free will offering to be donated to Quilts of Valor  
For more on our open house, click here
The Quilted Steeple
is century-old church in rural northern Iowa, now a home for quilting, and crafts, and more.  

Click here to learn more about our cozy
 accommodations and beautiful workspaces.

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Also that weekend, don’t miss the
Quilts of Valor Sew-A-Thon!
Thursday Sept. 29 5 PM - Sunday noon

 Come help make Quilts of Valor tops!  Bring your own materials or use those provided.  Work for a few hours or the whole time, or just stop by and visit. 

(It’s not essential, but participants are encouraged to register with 
Ann at